I am happy to give other persons the possibility to use results, and to widen the knowledge of my genealogy research in respect of the copyright, on these generel terms:

  • You are most wellcome to link to this website.
  • Deep hyperlinks are accepted when made for non-commercial purposes.
  • Short citations from the website - typically a few sentences in length - is allowed with clear reference of origin including domain name and preferably also a hyperlink.
  • Longer citations should only be published with my prior written permission. 
  • Photos on this domain are also covered by copyright.
  • Do not link directly to a photograph, but link to the page name on which it appears.

This is not a desire of general limitations to use of my material. The purpose is to prevent publishing on web-based media where the personal copyright to the material has been lost (as certain social media), and to avoid commercial exploitation.


Recently, this domain has been copied into a "gq" domain, where the structure and substantial parts of the text has been copied. Please understand that domain has nothing to do with me, it is a violation of my copyright, and I am trying to have this removed. You are at the original and genuine website here!  


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