Wellcome to the home page of Bjørn Marcher from Denmark !!!

Genealogy: These web pages presents some of my genealogy notes.

I can be characterized as a having typical Danish roots. My ancestors are farmers and peasants with a few craftsmen and priests. Add a few immigrants from neighboring countries, mostly contract soldiers. Nothing special, but very typical Danish!

Initially, only a few pages will be in English. Sorry for this, but please contact me if you need more info!

Please use the mail address below. I am quite fluent in English. Many of the pages will be easy to understand anyway, so you are cordially invited to have a closer look around.

Somewhere in the danish section you will find a database with my direct ancestors. You may access it directly here: Ancestors of Bjørn

At present, I have more than 350 ancestors and a total of close to 2000 persons. Several of these are known to have emigrated to the USA.

Also, you can study my wifes family. Please click on the right heading on top. 

My first five generations of ancestors can be seen in an overview Table here: Overview Table


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Do you need help with danish expressions? You may find the translation here:

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